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Plaques and Accessories

Please call 220- PAL1 (7251) for information regarding costs and delivery dates.

Classic walnut plaque
Walnut black bevel finish plaque 8" x 10"
Value Cherry Finish Plaque
Can be cutomized with a UV color print, engraved, or sublimated with a gold, silver, bronze or white plate.
Econo plaque cherry 4 1/4" x 6"
Can be cutomized with a UV color print, engraved, or sublimated with a gold, silver, bronze or white plate.
Genuine walnut shield plaque
Genuine walnut shield plaque black brass engraving plate individually boxed barhill 8 1/2" x 10 1/2"
Rosewood double scroll plaque
Rosewood double scroll plaque high gloss piano finish felt back key holes
Reclaimed Wood Floating Acrylic Plaque
Available in various sizes. Floating Acrylic is held onto plaque with magnets. Engravable or UV printable. Keyholed for hanging.
Ebony piano finish plaque
Ebony piano finish round corner felt back key slots. Available in a wide range of sizes.
Black Matte finish Plaque
Available in a variety of sizes. Matte black finish. Fully customizable.
Walnut finish perpetual plaque
Walnut finish perpetual plaque black brass header plate and 13 black brass engraving plates
Perpetual plaque walnut finish
Perpetual plaque walnut finish black header and 12 engraving plates
Walnut finish plaque
Black textured edge engraving plates.
Ebony perpetual plaque
Ebony perpetual plaque photo panel with black brass silver header and 13 engraving plates individual box 10 1/2" x 13"
Acrylic plaque with stand
Glass plaque 8" x 10
Standing glass plaque 8” x 10”. Personalized with laser engraving.
Murano Glass Plaque
Murano standing glass plaque. 3 sizes available: 23x20cm, 18"x13", 20"x15".
Murano Glass Plaque Black
Murano standing glass plaque, black. 3 sizes available: 21x17cm, 26x21cm, 30”x25”.
Murano Glass Plaque White/Blue
Murano standing glass plaque, white/blue. 3 sizes available: 25xh22 cm, 29xh24 cm, 32xh28 cm
Murano Glass Plaque Red
Murano standing glass plaque, light red. 3 sizes available: 23x20cm, 26x22cm, 29x25cm.
Murano Glass Plaque Light Green
Murano standing glass plaque, light green. 2 sizes available: 25x22cm, 29x24cm.
Murano Glass Plaque White
Murano standing glass plaque, white. 3 sizes available: 19xh20 cm, 23xh24 cm, 28xh29 cm